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05 June 2011 @ 03:24 pm
KYLIE. WAS EPIC. AMAZING. AWESOME. Words can't even describe. Fountains! Gold winged horses! Aerialists! Moving tiered stages! Feathered dances! She is seriously one of the world's best entertainers. And I love that she's not afraid to do her old songs from the 80s and 90s - she did the Locomotion, hilarious! Welcome home, girl.

I'm up to 3x11 of Private Practice now, so slowly but surely. I'm watching all the episodes in pieces because I hardly have time to myself to just sit and watch all the way through, but hey, better than nothing. So what's happened so far (YES THESE ARE SPOILERS BUT SERIOUSLY, I'M TWO YEARS BEHIND. I'm assuming everyone who wants to know has already watched them.): Addison has had that family bombshell dropped on her, Sam and Naomi are struggling with Mya's attitude, Cooper and Charlotte are still fighting and Mark Sloan is visiting. I know I have some fellow PP watchers here, so I'm up for a very belated discussion, hee!

I make no secret of my great admiration for Guy Sebastian and his wondrous talent, and his acoustic version of Man In The Mirror is unbelievable. I want to link the YouTube video BUT IT'S FREAKING "UNAVAILABLE" IN MY COUNTRY. I DON'T UNDERSTAND. HE IS FROM HERE. Whutwhutwhut.

The Boy's family and I all went out for a quick dinner yesterday and our waitress was a friend of mine from school that I had since lost touch with. Turns out she lives up the road from me. It's completely nuts considering we're 1,700km away from where we were first friends. So yay, I have another friend up here!

Bugger. My footy tips this week have sucked. Fingers crossed I stay in the top five or else I'm going to go and sulk in a corner. (Not my fault Brisbane were supposed to beat Sydney and WTF how is Freo beating Hawthorn at the G?)
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01 June 2011 @ 04:42 pm
I took an unintended hiatus from LJ for a week and a bit, and I have gone back and commented on some rather old entries and caught up, but if I missed something... sorry?

The Boy's grandmother passed away two weeks ago so last week the whole family went down to Melbourne for the funeral. I stayed behind to keep doing the preschool classes and look after the puppy + cat. I got a bit sad because they were planning to catch up with people/go to the footy/etc. which they had every right to do, and I was happy for them - it just was hard since I couldn't go and at that point, I really wanted to go home and see my own family. I got over it, but meh, it put me in a sombre mood for a while there. (But we're going down at the end of the month so it's okay.)

GOLD COAST SUNS' FIRST HOME MATCH IN THEIR BRAND SPANKIN' NEW STADIUM OMG. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this, but the Gold Coast got their own footy team this year (and have since become my second team after Carlton) and they had their first match in the brand new stadium on Friday. Okay, so they were playing the most dominant side of the last five years and they got thrashed in the second half, but the atmosphere was AMAZING and everyone was just so excited to be there. The moment when Karmichael Hunt kicked his first ever AFL goal (he originally played rugby) was crazy good. The 10,000 red flags looked unbelievable.

I've decided to catch up on two seasons of Private Practice. I didn't mean to stop watching it, I just kind of never got around to it. Let's see how long this takes me, hee! (I'll probably write some thoughts as I go - those who are actually current, don't spoil me!)


Here's a really unpopular opinion about law and order.Collapse )

At aerials last night, I finally mastered climbing the damn silk! Up until last night I could do it, albeit not very smoothly and I was getting seriously frustrated. But then something clicked and it just became easier! Thank God, I don't have to pressure myself so much now. (Note to self: work on deepening splits. Haven't had to do them properly since I was about nine and wow, who knew you get stiffer as you age? Ha.)

Stay well, buttercups! ♥
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18 May 2011 @ 09:06 pm
This is me doing more frequent posting in hope that my entries don't end up being lengthier than an essay and too goddamn long to read. Limit: four points still! (I did so well last time I thought I might try it again!)

DYLAN MORAN IN AUGUST HELL YES. gemmi_joo is awesome times a million and logged onto Ticketmaster at 9am on Monday to get them. SO EXCITED.

Does anyone watch Winners & Losers here? (PLEASE LET THERE BE SOMEONE BECAUSE I DON'T LIKE SQUEEING WITH MYSELF.) I absolutely adore that Sophie is a halfy. Yes, halfy. That's what I call us Eurasians. Because it's all like, "ooh, you're kind of Asian but... not quite?" and they can't quite work us out. Hence: halfy. ANYWAY. It's the first time I've ever seen a halfy character and that excites me so much because we're a minority and it's just awesome to see. ALSO: I ship Sophie/Doug and Frances/Zach. Can't help it, shoot me.

Bill Hunter is gravely ill in hospital. He is probably the most recognisable Australian actor ever; he's been in everything. Muriel's Wedding, Australia, Strictly Ballroom, Finding Nemo. It's kind of like when Bud Tingwell passed away; you don't think about them very often, but they've been in so many things that it's just strange to think they're not there anymore. (Not that Bill Hunter has died. But they're saying it's not far.)

Bless the Gold Coast and its small(ish) population. The evening traffic report on the radio says the same thing every day, due to there hardly ever being traffic accidents and train delays that bigger cities have. "It's heavy around Area X, slow south-bound on the M1", etc. Really, they should just say, "It's slow in the areas that are usually slow at peak hour, just like normal". That would save time, wouldn't it?

Going to the International Boat Show tomorrow! Basically, hundreds of super-luxurious, squillion-dollar yachts to explore. IT'S FUN. You can pretend to be a rich bitch sunbaking and drinking champagne and having the Old Spice guy serve you sushi on a silver platter. Cue: "Oh yeah, I've taken the boat many places. Miama, Tokyo, Denver. GRIZZ WAS IN THE NAVY." lolol I'm so delusional. And then on Sunday is some ladies' lunch on water thing that The Boy's mum invited me to go along to. Might be fun?

ANGRY BOYS STARTING NOW, must kick boy off watching AFL 360. Oh, oops, that was five points. Oh well.
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15 May 2011 @ 04:29 pm
scribblecat would like me to make a post that didn't have about a thousand points in it, so her brain doesn't explode. I would like this also. Let's do four! ...and see how we go, ha ha.

WHO WATCHED ANGRY BOYS? Represent. People were saying that it's not as funny as We Can Be Heroes and Summer Heights High... come on, it's only had one episode so far! Give it time before making judgements. And people are way too tender-hearted: it's racist! it's homophobic! It's Chris Lilley, of course it's not everyone's cup of tea. His way of pinpointing stereotypes in an unbelievably realistic way is genius. (It'll be on HBO and BBC Three later this year, people!)

Gosh, the footy has been so tense/exciting this year! I'm in the top three tippers at The Boy's dad's work competition, which has 500 people. (IT'S A FLUKE I SWEAR, IDK HOW IT HAPPENED). I'm currently at #1 because I tipped Geelong to beat Collingwood, but unfortunately I also tipped St Kilda to find that much-needed spark to beat Hawthorn (with ten minutes to go, not happening) and Richmond to upset over the Bulldogs (also not happening). So I'll probably go back to #2 or #3. Meh.

I've decided that finally I can splurge $20 (a whole $20, I know!) on Bossypants. Yes, I have been waiting this long. Yes, it's been driving me nuts. Still really excited to read it, though!

Argh, my 21 year old cousin in Sweden is now engaged. WHY ARE ALL THESE YOUNG PEOPLE GETTING ENGAGED/MARRIED I DON'T UNDERSTAND. Now it makes me sound like I'm anti-marriage. I'm not, I'm really not. I'm just in the "WHAT IS THE FREAKING RUSH" school of thought. Get yourselves financially stable. Put a deposit on a house. Get a dog. Or a goldfish. Just do those independent, grown-uppy things first. Maybe they'll have one of those long engagements? Who knows. Ah well, their life, not mine.

Oooh, I restrained myself to four points! Look at this progress, hear me roar. Have a lovely remainder of the weekend everyone (OH GOD HOW DID MONDAY COME ROUND SO QUICKLY?)! Might go and watch some bits of Eurovision, even though I know who won. Yay!
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06 May 2011 @ 04:51 pm
Oops. So I have to admit that I meant to post days ago, back when things were newer and more ~current. (Wow, we're now in the age where things are "old" after a few days. No wonder I feel tired.) But I didn't quite get around to it, and so bear with me with this ULTRA OLD STUFF, otherwise known as "things that happened in the last week and it is now Friday".

What an eventful weekend: some wedding happened, some TV awards show happened, and then some raid in Pakistan happened. Newspapers must have been loving it!

Oh, sorry, the TV awards thing applies only to Australia. Last Sunday night was the Logies - like our version of the Emmys, except less credible because half the winners are voted by the teenybopper public who buy a crap magazine. I always have a great mix of fascination/loathing for the night, because I can't stand that half our most "prestigious" TV awards are voted for by lowbrow idiots. But I also love the celebration of our industry. And I'm greatly heartened that NOT ONE PERSON FROM HOME AND AWAY OR NEIGHBOURS WON THIS YEAR. THIS IS A VICTORY. (Karl Stefanovic winning gold is beyond a joke, but that's a rant no one wants to hear. Two words: ADAM. HILLS.)

I know next-to-no-one cares, but a super quick summary of my thoughts...Collapse )

You know the best thing about international events, good or bad? The treasure trove of meme-giffy goodness that comes out of it. After bin Laden, there have been some pages created that are absolute GOLD. "On a scale from Anne Frank to Osama Bin Laden, how good was my hiding spot?", "Hi, I'm Osama Bin Laden, and Windows 7 was my idea", "A prince gets married, the bad guy is dead. It's a real Disney weekend.", "Osama Bin Laden: World Hide & Seek Champion 1987-2011", etc. etc. BRILLIANT. Or Grace van Custem, the Frowning Flowergirl. Which I find amusing in the way the image is used, not because she's a young child. Clear difference.) Find the humour in everything, I say. (Well, most things.)

I've been meaning to rant about this for a while, but now that the movie is being released this week, it's probably a good time. Has anyone here read Something Borrowed and the follow-up-slash-companion-book, Something Blue? I absolutely loved them - the second one more so actually, but beside the point. But I can't stand the thought of the movie. Especially with Kate Hudson, who turns everything into fluffy crap. According to the trailer, they've made it into a typical rom-com and I'm furious, because whilst the books were considered chick-lit, there was quite a bit of angst, regret, deviousness, etc. and the movie probably has none of it. The way that the characters are built in the book is layered so you actually understand Darcy. Kate Hudson will give her no layering whatsoever. ARGH, I HATE MOVIE ADAPTATIONS THAT AREN'T THE ONES IN MY HEAD. DO NOT WANT.

I received an email from Ticketmaster today that Dylan Moran is playing a show in Melbourne at the end of July! Mothereffin' YES, just waiting to see when the Brisbane shows are announced. (He has to come to Brisbane, okay?) Pleasewithacherryontop.

A friend of The Boy is Facebook friends with a player from my football team, and has his privacy set to "friends of friends". So The Boy and I spent about an hour Facebook stalking all the Blues boys' profile pictures, and some from other clubs too. Awesome fun. (Speaking of, go the Blue boys against the Saints... sorry scribblecat!)

Ooh, we just got an iPad2 delivered! (The Boy's Macbook died after about five years of usage, and it's cheaper to get an iPad than a laptop.) Fun experimental times!

Off to walk puppy now, poor thing is restless. (WOW I REALLY NEED TO UPDATE MORE OFTEN SO MY ENTRIES AREN'T THIS LONG.)
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28 April 2011 @ 05:09 pm
Oh, right, I'm back from Melbourne. Forgot to say. Oops. Flew in Easter Sunday night (cheapest day to fly, surprisingly!) and wow, the Gold Coast has been having schizophrenic weather! Usually I can rely on Melbourne to be unpredictable - the Gold Coast weather is always delightfully consistent - but it's the other way around now, ha.

Did we all have a good Easter? As I've been asking the preschoolers this week: "Did the Easter bunny come and visit you?" Cue lengthy recaps of what Easter eggs were given and eaten and where they found them in the garden and one was pink and one was green and oh, did you know that we had hot cross buns too because Mummy bought some and it was very very yummy. Yes, children.

Tomorrow is Friday (Friday, gotta get down on - OH WAIT SHUT UP WHY AM I EVEN THINKING OF THIS) which means it's wedding day, or Logies Spit Roast if that tickles your fancy. I'm stuck in the conundrum of being completely apathetic to royal weddings, Australia should get rid of the monarchy and be like Canada (still be invited to Commonwealth Games, however, because I like seeing us win everything ha-di-ha) and what a use for taxpayers' money in the economic climate, to OOH I JUST LOVE THAT SHE'S A "COMMONER" AND THAT BLUE DRESS WAS REALLY QUITE NICE AND DAMN IT I'M SUCKED IN. Is anyone else in a similar predicament?

I planned to watch about ten minutes of the "William & Kate: A Modern Day Fairytale" telemovie last night to mock and laugh and suddenly found myself watching THE ENTIRE THING. I AM APPALLED AT MYSELF. I HAVE STANDARDS YOU KNOW. Well, I thought I did. Clearly not. Up until then the only things I knew about Lifetime movies was based on "A Dog Took My Face and Gave Me a Better Face To Change The World: the Celeste Cunningham Story". That was a classy piece, that.

One last thing on the subject that I claim to be apathetic towards (oh, who am I kidding) but in the words of accrues (sorry for the plagiarism, love): "I think it's hilarious that the Chaser made it so the BBC had to rewrite the rules so that they specifically could not do a commentary." EXACTLY. Except it's annoying, because I was going to watch them commentate the wedding. Where's the fun otherwise? Might just have to watch Dame Edna on Channel 9 now. Or Channel 10. And oh, dilemma, do I watch the Sydney vs Carlton game at the same time? HALP.

In other news, I've had a technology fail day and The Boy is enamoured with the new AFL Playstation game and my SuperCoaching is actually doing well! And those hijabs with football teams is an awesome idea, IMHO.

I was also going to write thoughts about last week's double 30 Rock but I can't really be bothered now. Basically: AWESOME. FLASHBACKS RULE. TOM HANKS IS GREAT. I LOVE JACK AND LIZ AND HOW HE COULDN'T FIRE HER AND HE DOESN'T STAY WITH AVERY AND HE'S THE GUY THAT NEVER LEFT. ♥

A random note to finish off one: I've been burning a blueberry cheesecake candle which is really quite lovely but now the room smells of baking and is making me hungry. Gah.
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18 April 2011 @ 10:07 pm
[No little picture icons today, lovlies, I'm not on my computer and have no idea what the URL is.]

1. So I'm in Melbourne again for Easter. My perfect weather so far: 23°C/73°F and sunny. (A bit cloudy tomorrow but ah well.) Have added to my comedy festival total by seeing Sammy J & Randy (LOVE) and Hannah Gadsby (BRILLIANT). Charlie Pickering tomorrow night and Alan Brough on Thursday. Lygon St for lunch today and San Churro for late dessert last night and yeah, not only will I probably put on some chub but my wallet is also depressingly empty. And muldy will testify that the footy match on Saturday was horrendously tense and awesome and really annoying that it ended in a draw.

2. A girl I went to school with got married yesterday. WHYYYYYY. Seriously, I'm all for people being happy but WHAT'S THE FREAKING RUSH. (We're 23, jsyk. Which I know isn't that young but it's young enough. There's no way I'm getting married for another five years at least.) Mind you, my year level had 350 and only two have gotten married that I know of, so it's not that bad. But still, I can't comprehend it. Also, feel free to disagree with me but if you haven't yet reached that stage of your life where you're working full-time and can be financially independent, don't do it. Because living with your now-husband's parents because you haven't finished uni and don't have any money of your own yet (no matter how rich the bride's parents are) will not make a happy marriage. Just saying.

3. Oh, shite, I just remembered I forgot to set the recorder for the second part of Paper Giants. Did anyone watch the first part last night? HOW GOOD WAS IT.

4. I also really enjoyed 30 Rock this week.

5. I finally got around to joining up to my local library last week, a year after moving to the Gold Coast, and my name is spelt wrong on my card. I won't bother complaining, but honestly, people can be stupid. My name is on the form. Right in your hand. You can copy it exactly, thank you very much. (This happens with email replies all the time as well. I SIGN MY NAME OFF. YOU THEN SPELL IT WRONG. IT'S NOT THAT DIFFICULT.)

This is a ranty post, isn't it? I'm not even grumpy! Sorry. A quick meme to end on a positive note:

Comment if you want to do this meme, and I'll give you a colour that I think represents you, and then you list ten things you like in that colour or ten things it reminds you of! You don't need to include pictures.Collapse )

That's me done, over and out!
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09 April 2011 @ 11:38 am
Hiatus was unintentionally extended from one week to two. Oops. (Think I've caught up on the flist now? Go me.)

Melbourne trip as follows: (because I know you're all positively fascinated by it)
1. Tiger cancels our flight four hours its due to leave, yay. A quick reschedule to Virgin which seems positively luxurious in comparison. Cousin's wedding was a full-blown church ceremony, which I'm 99% sure was due to his now-wife's Irish-Catholic-looking family (and probably my aunt's religious influence), and the fact that my cousin nor his partner are religious themselves. Wouldn't have minded except the church was freezing. Reception was good though.

2. LIONEL RITCHIE AND GUY SEBASTIAN. That's a two-for-one-concert, you guys. Guy came out and they sang All Night Long together and it was amazing. Guy looked genuinely so honoured to be performing with one of his musical heroes. I know it's shameful to admit, but I think I knew more of his song's than Lionel's. (I didn't have cool parents who played me motown as a child, okay? I wish I did!) And Guy sang Amazing Grace at the piano with a video montage of the floods/Christchurch/Japan and it was so beautiful.

3. One comedy show of the 2011 festival ticked off! Cal Wilson, whose show was all about her procrastinating, so I related to it extremely well. Hee. And The Boy got to go to the F1 Grand Prix, so he's happy.

4. Ticked off so many culinary to-do's. Box Hill for dumplings and bubble tea and sago with mango. (I missed all my Asian goodies so much.) South Melbourne. Georges' curry pasta. COFFEE, thank God. Babka's. Lygon St. Chapel St. I can't even remember the rest but I think I've probably put on 5 kilos in a week.

5. Can you believe I've never been to the National Sports Museum? It was really, really interesting, especially the Olympics section. Was a little rushed because we were going to the Richmond v St Kilda match so we'll go back another time and do all the interactive stuff.

Last Saturday was the very first match of the Gold Coast Suns, the newest football team in the league and something we've been very involved with. Massive conflict, because I so want them to do well but bloody typical, they were playing my first team. So I was torn as to who to support (solved: wore my Carlton scarf, and my Suns t-shirt). The crowd atmosphere was fantastic, and it didn't matter that the Suns got absolutely hammered (yay, Carlton percentage!). Speaking of, bloody Collingwood. I'm all for team rivalries, but getting their supporters to wear "I Hate Carlton" t-shirts is just bad taste - nothing to do with the fact I'm a Carlton supporter, I just hate blatant finger-pointing at other teams. Loved the sign in the 88,000-strong crowd last night though: "Nice flag. We've got 16 of them." FTW. (muldy, I promise to be nice about next week's match. You'll probably win, anyway.)

I really hope the Spice Girls musical comes to Australia in the next few years. I don't care how bad the storyline will be; if a musical has "Say You'll Be There"/"Stop"/etc. etc. I'm there.

I'm debating whether to buy Bossypants from Amazon and pay for international shipping, or buy it at a higher price from a local store. The Aussie dollar is actually higher than the US dollar at the moment, so maybe Amazon is the way to go. Gah.

I don't think I've mentioned yet that I'm learning aerial silks! You know, Cirque Du Soleil and Pink concerts. Except obviously not that amazing. More "oh sweet Jesus my arms are not that strong", but it's fun. Even though my forearms kill afterwards.

Edited to add: I know this is old news now (oh, Internet, how you age 'news' within 24 hours) but who watched the musical episode of Grey's? I don't know about you, but I basically wanted to laugh at the entire thing. Yes, even through the ~dramatic bits. Because: someone's dying! drama! relationships! more drama! and - wait, why are they suddenly singing? (Although yay, Addison, even if she was only on for about three seconds.)

Oh God this entry has been long-winded and boring. Let's make it even more so! Meme, because I haven't done one in, what, two years?

Tagged by accrues. People who have been tagged must write the answers on their blog and replace any question they dislike with a new, original question.Collapse )

I really have to go and do something productive now, I think. See you 'round like a rissole!
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24 March 2011 @ 03:44 pm
hiatus. again.

Going to Melbourne tomorrow for a week. I've been really bad at keeping up with LJ this past week, it's been crazytimes. I have all these entries bookmarked to go and comment on but I'm really running out of time so I probably can't get to them - CAN YOU FEEL MY GUILT OOZING OUT MY PORES? Feel it, flist, because you are important and deserve better treatment by me. I'M SORRY.

I'm in my Sound of Music phase again. (Can a phase stay with with you for life, just in varying degrees of power? If so, it's a phase. 'Phase' seems to downplay it, however. But I digress.) I used to watch that movie every weekend. Or at least every few weeks. In moving and everything else, I hadn't watched it in 18 months (THE HORROR!) and finally got to on Saturday night. And sang every lyric of every song. Oh lordy, ever since I've just wanted to watch it again and again. How did I go for 18 months without watching it? I don't know, guys, I really don't. It's my crack.

Anyway, see you in a week, lovelies! Take care. ♥
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10 March 2011 @ 03:47 pm
I figure that if I post sightly more frequently, maybe my posts will be slightly less long? Let's test that theory.

I've been in a funk today, so instead of working I bought myself a blueberry muffin and a coffee with money I don't have and ate it whilst watching True Hollywood Story: The Women of Desperate Housewives. Then some of Piers Morgan's interview with Dannii Minogue. Yes, my life is that sad. Have I ticked off anything from my to-do list? Nope, and I feel worse for it. I suck.

Dance has been making me happy though. My studio recently changed venues, and whilst the new one is a bit further away from me, the cliquey, superficial girls haven't come to this new place. So now I talk to everyone else and it's a lot more friendly and basically, yay! (Oh, and they're starting aeriel silk classes soon. I CAN LEARN TO TWIRL IN THE SKY LIKE CIRQUE DU SOLEIL AND P!NK.)

Oh, and really, I should have no reason to be mopey today because WE'RE GOING TO KYLIE IN JUNE OMG I AM SO EXCITED. Last time she was out here I was going to go and then didn't so I'm seriously, utterly delighted. I would really, really like to see her perform in Melbourne one day as its both her and my hometown, but I'm really looking forward to seeing her in Brisbane because we'll be closer to her! (I just used 'really' three times. My bad.)

Booking shows for the Comedy Festival, yay! I asked Dad if that could be my birthday present and he so kindly agreed. For those newer readers, I lovelovelove going to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. It's the biggest in the world after Edinburgh and I'm a bit of a comedy junkie. I couldn't go last year because we were up here on the Coast, but my cousin's wedding is on at the same time so we're taking a week off to fly down to Melbourne for it.

Any Australians going to watch Winners & Losers? It's so not going to get the audience that Rafters does. I miiiiiight give it a go because it's local and, uh, stuff. I also don't really care that Rachel moves to NY (assuming that's what happens). Jessica Marais is one of the most stunning women alive (ALTHOUGH WHY IS SHE EVEN SKINNIER THAN LAST YEAR?), but Rachel is probably my least-favourite character and just meh. Now that we're on-topic, how awesome was Zoe Ventura on Gordon St last night? Edit: They put the adventures of Mousie on YouTube! FTW.

Okay, keeping this short didn't work particularly well. Oops. (And really, this post has been full of positives. SNAP OUT OF YOUR MOOD, CEC.)
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